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Pack 320 Meetings

Pack 320 weekly meetings will start Monday, August 25th at Bridgewater Middle School at 6:15pm.

Forms to register is on the registration forms page


BSA Required Fee and Optional Boys Life Magazine

Posted by adrone on Sep 17 2014 - 7:45am

All returning scouts need to pay the BSA Returning Scout Fee in addition to dues.  If you purchased the optional Boys Life Magazine you can pay make the payment to continue your subscription.  These are both located under online payments. 

Disney, Online Payments, Registration

Posted by adrone on Sep 9 2014 - 11:15am

Scouts and Parents, Pack 320 ROCKS!!!  It is great to see our pack grow with the new members and of course our returning scouts.  Please remind your scouts to invite their friends to a meeting. 

We had a fantastic pack meeting learning of the various heroes we are surrounded with in our daily lives.   We also had some interesting cooperation occuring with some artistic drawings and a story that included a Top Hat, Navy Seal, Goblin Shark, and much more.

Joan McMullen is working with Disney on our numbers for our upcoming campout on September 26th.  We are currently holding spots for 47, however only 7 have paid.  Please take time to make your payment for the campout.  Your payment is what confirms your spot.  We still have new member open enrollment at Keene's and Sunset Park on the 23rd and some of those new members might want to camp also.  However, we are limited on our space if we cant secure the second area.    This depends on our numbers and how many paid in full registrations we have.     Until your payment is made you are only interested in camping not confirmed.  If you need help transporting your bike to the campout, you can bring it next week or you can make arrangements with Stash Noga to drop it off at his house before the campout.  He has room for about 18 bikes

Under Online Payments:
Most of the time at Disney we will be wearing our Class B Tshirts.    If you need to purchase tshirts please go under the menu and online payments.  change the quantity and make your size selection in the comments.  We highly recommend each member of the family (including siblings and parents) purchase a Class B.  This helps with safety for our group

All scouts need to pay their dues for the 2014-2015 year.  These can be made under online payments.  Scroll thru the list and select on your scouts name.  This fee covers the operating cost of our pack.  Per our pack guidelines Dues and BSA fees must be current before using your scout account for other expenses.

BSA Fees:
We are now collecting the BSA required fee for all returning scouts.  This fee is all turned into the BSA organization.

Optional Boys Life Magazine
If you would like to continue your subscription to Boys Life Magazine please make your selection.

Shopping Cart:
After you have registered or made your selections under the Online Payments.  The cart is located under the Profile section on the Top Left.  Payments are processed thru Paypal. 

If your scout has attended summer camp, worked at home, etc and has earned advancements please make sure you communicate this with your den leaders.

New Events just added to the calendar:
Oct 17th: Sunset Park Fall Festival (Registration to be added soon)
Oct 18-19 Lowes Table to sell popcorn (signup slots will be added soon)
Oct 29th Keene's Crossing Fall Festival


Posted by adrone on Aug 26 2014 - 11:09am

Everyone please complete a set of forms for each member of your family (siblings, parents, etc).  You will find them under the Registration Forms.  Note: Returning members do not need to complete another youth application.

Website Navigation

Posted by adrone on Aug 26 2014 - 11:02am

Please add the calendar into your personal calendars (gmail, outlook, etc).  We do registrations for events from the website and payments. 

To register for events:

Help your scouts to earn the recruiter strip

Posted by adrone on Aug 16 2014 - 10:08pm

If your scout invites a guest and they join scouts they can earn the recruiter strip


Welcome Back

Posted by adrone on Aug 16 2014 - 8:35pm

Scouts and Parents, welcome back to another year in scouts.  We will be starting our meetings at Bridgewater next week on the 25th at 6:15.  Per Boy Scouts of America policy we need to collect forms from everyone (all that will be participating including parents/siblings).  Under the menu you can find a link for registration forms.    Under online payments you can make your payments for Dues, Optional Boys Life, and if you need Tshirts. 

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