Pack 320 Meetings

Pack 320 weekly meetings will start Monday, August 25th at Bridgewater Middle School at 6:15pm.

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Forms to register is on the registration forms page


Thank You for helping on popcorn table

Posted by adrone on Oct 18 2014 - 10:36pm

Thank you for helping this weekend at the popcorn table.

Bears for 10-20

Posted by adrone on Oct 18 2014 - 6:09pm

Good Morning Bear Parents,
Just a reminder.  We will be completing the construction of our regatta boats at the meeting on Monday.  Please ensure that your scout has completed the two wooden hulls before he arrives.  They should be painted or decorated in any way he chooses and should be sprayed with a clear coat.  See the instructions in the kit for more details.  Both pieces will need to be completely dry, so I suggest not waiting till the last minute.
During the meeting the boys will put all the pieces together.  Bring a small screwdriver and superglue if you have them.
I would like for the boys to have time to test their boats on water during the meeting, but I have not figured out how to do this easily yet. We can't set up the actual gutters and take them down that quickly.  If you have ideas or can bring supplies to make this happen let me know.  I would like the  boys to test their boats to see that they float and stay upright while blowing through their straws.  I want everyone to have a successful race on Nov. 8!
If you did not attend last week's meeting, and your scout will be participating, make sure you visit www.scouts320,org to register and purchase your boat kit.  Your scout can work on sanding his hulls and Monday's meeting, so bring some sandpaper.
See you all on Monday!

Everyone needs to pay the dues under online payments, returning scouts need to pay BSA and optional Boys Life Magazine

Posted by adrone on Oct 11 2014 - 10:24am

Under Online Payments

All Scouts

Please pay your dues if you have not done so yet, all scouts in pack 320 pay $72 for dues.  100% of these funds stay within the pack.


Posted by akaps on Oct 8 2014 - 2:56pm

Parents, our pack is 73 members and is still growing.  When the pack was started years ago they started with about 6 scouts and had 1 parent trying to start the pack.  They had no tshirts, no website, no trailer, but they had boys that wanted to be part of scouting. 

Why we do not accept payments at meetings?

Posted by adrone on Oct 8 2014 - 10:08am

Every leader of our pack is a volunteer and has at least one child in the pack.  We want every parent to be able to spend time with their kids and enjoy the scouting experience.  So, to allow the leaders the time to do this, we have assembled this website with the calendar and the online payments.  This saves hours for the leaders in tracking payments, receipts, planning of activities, and it helps you to also spend time with your own scouts vs waiting in line to ask questions.  We are always looking for ways to improve the website. 

Events and Online Payments

Posted by adrone on Oct 8 2014 - 9:55am

Registration Forms: Everyone in the pack needs completed forms including siblings, parents, guardians,  found under the menu, Registration Forms.  If you are camping and you have not completed forms you will not be allowed to camp.

Calendar Sync: If you have not synced our calendar into your smart phone/calendar service we highly recommend it.  Directions are under the user section in the top left.


October 18 and October 19th Class A, we have a few remaining spots open for the tabeling event at Lowe's selling popcorn.  Please help by working a shift Registration under events/calendar

October 20th Class A last meeting of the month, last chance to turn in popcorn sheets at a meeting.  You will need to enter your orders before turning in your sheet. 

October 20-29th after entering your orders you can drop off your sheet at 13326 Roskin Lane a box is available on the front porch.  please send an email to: thass@cfl.rr.com


October 29th Class A with B underneath: Keene's Crossing Fall Festival we will be selling our famous DEEP FRIED OREOS as a fundraiser and having our Air Cannons out.  We need as much help as possible to allow all the boys to enjoy the festival while also helping at the festival. 


November 1st, ALL WEBELOS Scouts, Class A:  We highly recommend your participate in the scouting for food bag drop off activity with Troop 320.  You have requirements of doing an activity with a troop and this would help complete one of them.  Please register on the website; 

November 1st campout, Class B, please try to arrive between 1 and 2:30:  We will start at 2:45pm  Cost is $13.00 per person.  Will include Saturday Dinner, Smores, and Saturday Breakfast.  Registration is open on the website under events or calendar.   If you need to borrow a tent: please send an email to cchair@scouts320.org.    Activities will include: fire building competitions, archery, a late night hike, compass work, and more.  Please be courteous to those trying to plan the event and register now.  The details on the event have a recommended purchase and a hint.   Parents:  The trailer has a repair needed on the shelving if you can assist with that please send an email to cchair@scouts320.org.



November 8th: Class A Scouting for Food. We will be doing the community of Berkshire Place.  Immediately following we will be going to Keene's Crossing Elementary for Raingutter Regatta.  Please register under calendar/events

Pizza Package: To help everyone make the move faster to the derby.  We offer a pizza package for $4.75 2 slices of thick crust pizza from Pizza Hut and a drink.  The flavors on pizza are cheese or pepperoni.  If you wait to the day of the event the cost is $5.50 and we do not guarantee availability.  You can order packages under Online Payments: 

November 8th: Raingutter Regatta: Class A, we will be at Keene's Crossing Elementary for our Raingutter Regatta.  Boat Kits can be purchased for $11 each (siblings can build a boat and race also) the rules and what is a raingutter regatta can be obtained under derbies.  You will pay online, and when picking up your boat you will pick a number for your boat.  Register on the calendar/events


Under Online Payments:

 Tshirts- our Class B shirts are $10.30 each.  If you need to purchase tshirts please go under the menu and online payments.  change the quantity and make your size selection in the comments.  We highly recommend each member of the family (including siblings and parents) purchase a Class B.  This helps with safety,  for our group

Dues: All scouts need to pay their dues for the 2014-2015 year.  These can be made under online payments.  Scroll thru the list and select on your scouts name.  This fee covers the operating cost of our pack.  Per our pack guidelines Dues and BSA fees must be current before using your scout account for other expenses.
BSA Fees-Returning Scouts Only: We are now collecting the BSA required fee for all returning scouts.  This fee is all turned into the BSA organization.

Optional Boys Life Magazine-Returning Scouts If you would like to continue your subscription to Boys Life Magazine please make your selection.
Shopping Cart: After you have registered or made your selections under the Online Payments.  The cart is located under the user section on the Top Left.  Payments are processed thru Paypal. 

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