Pack 320 Meetings

Pack 320 weekly meetings will start Monday, August 25th at Bridgewater Middle School at 6:15pm.

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Camping in October questions

Posted by adrone on Sep 30 2015 - 5:55pm
Can you please give me more information about camping? You can ask your questions in the comments and we will answer for all to see.  Your going camping not to the Ritz Carlton.    Scouts follow a Leave No Trace principal.  Parking is limited directly at the site, so the less gear you bring or can easily carry the better. 
I understand we register through the website. You will register on the scouts320 website for us to track # of attendees only.  You will register on doubleknot for the actual event. 
What choices do I register for:  As a pack we are recommending the 4 meal plan.  However, choose what works best for your individual family.
Is it more like everyone is camping by themselves or do we do activities together? When you indicate on the registration form for pack 320, the camp La No Che staff does their best to place us all in the same sites.  For activities those attending into smaller groups and we will be on a rotation basis.  As with the camping site they try very hard to keep the packs together. 
What items do we need to bring?  On the form they are asking if you need a Tent or you will bring your personal tent.  The La No Che tents are wall tents and not zip-up tents.  Mosquito netting supplies are recommended.  (2 weeks ago bugs were no problem, however that changes by the day).  Your peronsal tent will usually have sides that zip which helps keep bugs out.
http://www.scouts320.org/taxonomy/term/1017 you can find a list of gear and what to bring.  If you require an air mattress and pump, try to get a battery power pump.  electricity is not always possible.  La No che it will be.  Prefer sleeping bags over blankets that is fine.  You prepare yourself and your family the list is a guide.  Start teaching the scout to pack his own gear with your assistance.  This teaches responsibility.   Headlamps are easier to manage over flashlights.   Shower facilities are available.  Closed Toe Shoes are a must, no flip flops!!!.
Cookware:  For this campout the pack is recommending everyone do the 4 meal plan.  If you want to bring your own cooking gear you may. 
Trading Post:  If you need uniform items the trading post will be open.  Also, sells food items and more.  
Uniforms: We recommend all scouts bring their Class A to have available during flag ceremonies.  Most of the day we will be in Class B tshirts.
First time camping recommendation:  Dont go buy new of everything. see what other families are doing that works well, take your time on buying gear.  Quality gear will last for years if taken care of.

Cub Halloween at Camp La-No-Che

Posted by rford on Sep 28 2015 - 11:46pm

We are offering two weekends for camping at Camp La-No-Che: October 9-11 and October 16-18. Please see the events on the calendar for more information.

More Popcorn Selling Opportunities

Posted by rford on Sep 28 2015 - 11:45pm

We have added more popcorn selling opportunities October 2-4 at the Lowe's on SR 50 at Good Homes Road! Registration for each shift is limited to two Scouts.

Popcorn Show and Sell

Posted by thass on Sep 25 2015 - 8:56am

Attention Scout Families


We still have time slots available for Popcorn Selling at Publix-Lakeside Village this Saturday and Sunday afternoon!

Online Payments > Pack 320 Market

Posted by rford on Sep 21 2015 - 3:54pm

Online Payments is now Pack 320 Market. This is where you can pay Pack dues, purchase Class B T-shirts (recommended for all members attending events), optional Boys' Life magazine, etc.

Online Popcorn Orders

Posted by adrone on Sep 15 2015 - 5:16pm

If your scout would like to sell popcorn online:

Step 1. http://sell.trails-end.com/login

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