Pack 320 Meetings

Pack 320 weekly meetings will start Monday, August 25th at Bridgewater Middle School at 6:15pm.

Youth Application online:


Leader Application Online:


Forms to register is on the registration forms page


Popcorn Orders Due

Posted by adrone on Oct 25 2014 - 9:14pm

Reminder popcorn orders are due the 29th.  Please contact Tamara Hass at  thass8@cfl.rr.com



More information on the campout

Posted by adrone on Oct 25 2014 - 9:12pm

You must bring your own cup, we recommend a hot/cold for hot chocolate.

A recommended list of things to bring is located under the menu Camping:  Reminder we do tent camping, if you need to borrow a tent send an email to cchair@scouts320.org immediately

Please plan on arriving between 1pm and 2:30pm.  The scouts have an activity they will be constructing after their tents are constructed.  I will be at scouting for food that morning with my webelos scout, if you would like to follow me to my house when completed 1130am or so, please send me an email: cchair@scouts320.org 

The night hike: the trail is very soft at places think beach sand. 

We will be making a camp stool with duck tape, if you would like to use design duck tape with patterns/colors (walmart carries it for example)  for your seat you may purchase that and bring with you, we will be supplying grey/black..

I am assuming your scouts are helping with collecting the lint from the dryer.  (Scouts is about teaching your scouts)


The following is the goal for us to have completed at the campout:


Belt Loops:

Archery Belt Loop

Map and Compass 1, 2 (3 will need to be completed at home)

Hiking Belt Loop

Den Level Requirements

Tigers will complete the following:

1f, 3Fb, 5F, 5G, Elective 29


5E, 10C, Elective 20c, 20 (O), 23 A, 23D23G


5c, 9c, 9e, 9G, 10a, 12A, 12B, 23c, 25B, 25D






Arrow Of light

5 (for second year Webelos)


Thank You for helping on popcorn table

Posted by adrone on Oct 18 2014 - 10:36pm

Thank you for helping this weekend at the popcorn table.

Bears for 10-20

Posted by adrone on Oct 18 2014 - 6:09pm

Good Morning Bear Parents,
Just a reminder.  We will be completing the construction of our regatta boats at the meeting on Monday.  Please ensure that your scout has completed the two wooden hulls before he arrives.  They should be painted or decorated in any way he chooses and should be sprayed with a clear coat.  See the instructions in the kit for more details.  Both pieces will need to be completely dry, so I suggest not waiting till the last minute.
During the meeting the boys will put all the pieces together.  Bring a small screwdriver and superglue if you have them.
I would like for the boys to have time to test their boats on water during the meeting, but I have not figured out how to do this easily yet. We can't set up the actual gutters and take them down that quickly.  If you have ideas or can bring supplies to make this happen let me know.  I would like the  boys to test their boats to see that they float and stay upright while blowing through their straws.  I want everyone to have a successful race on Nov. 8!
If you did not attend last week's meeting, and your scout will be participating, make sure you visit www.scouts320,org to register and purchase your boat kit.  Your scout can work on sanding his hulls and Monday's meeting, so bring some sandpaper.
See you all on Monday!

Everyone needs to pay the dues under online payments, returning scouts need to pay BSA and optional Boys Life Magazine

Posted by adrone on Oct 11 2014 - 10:24am

Under Online Payments

All Scouts

Please pay your dues if you have not done so yet, all scouts in pack 320 pay $72 for dues.  100% of these funds stay within the pack.


Posted by akaps on Oct 8 2014 - 2:56pm

Parents, our pack is 73 members and is still growing.  When the pack was started years ago they started with about 6 scouts and had 1 parent trying to start the pack.  They had no tshirts, no website, no trailer, but they had boys that wanted to be part of scouting. 

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